Centenary of Insulin Award

More than 100 years have passed since January 23rd, 1922, the date when insulin was first used successfully to treat the then fourteen-year-old Leonard Thompson.

Over the past century, research and innovation have improved care significantly for many people living with diabetes. During the same period, a global network of local, national and transnational diabetes associations has evolved to advocate for improved diabetes care, tackle stigma and prejudice, advance service delivery, and provide education and support to people living with diabetes. The world’s first diabetes association (Associação Protectora dos Diabéticos de Portugal) was established in 1926 by Dr Ernesto Roma.

Later this year, at our World Diabetes Congress in Lisbon, Portugal (5-8 December), IDF will recognise an organisation for outstanding effort to improve the lives of people living with diabetes. The winning nominee will be selected by a panel of independent experts and awarded a grant of 25,000 Euros.

The International Diabetes Federation would like to invite you to nominate a campaign or activity for the chance to win the grant.

Has your organisation undertaken activity over the past three years that improved the lives of people with diabetes significantly?

  • Did you make an important breakthrough to bring about policy change?
  • Did you undertake a campaign or educational activity that made a difference?
  • Did you take or stimulate action to increase access to diabetes care?
  • Did you improve the delivery of diabetes services?
  • Did you take action to prevent diabetes and/or its complications?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please share your experience with us and nominate your activity for the IDF Centenary of Insulin award. The International Diabetes Federation will award a grant of 25,000 Euros to the organisation selected by our panel of independent judges.

The IDF Centenary of Insulin Award is made possible thanks to the generous support of Lilly Diabetes.


To recognise one diabetes representative organisation for activity undertaken to improve the lives of people living with diabetes.

To collect examples of good practice from around the world that can serve to inspire others to consider what more they might do to improve diabetes care in their setting.

To create opportunities to exchange knowledge and examples of successful initiatives during the IDF World Diabetes Congress in Lisbon.

The award

Organisations shortlisted for the award will have the opportunity to promote their activity to the global diabetes community through IDF communication channels.

The winner of the IDF Centenary of Insulin Award will be invited to give a brief presentation of the award-winning initiative during a ceremony on Wednesday, 7th of December at 16:30 pm in Auditorium VI, VII of the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa CCL.

A presentation of the award-winning initiative will be filmed and presented on IDF communication channels.

A grant of 25,000 EUR will be awarded to support the organisation in its work.

Application criteria

The applicant must either be an IDF member association or be nominated by an IDF member association (applications from individuals will not be accepted).

The activity must be ongoing or have taken place within the past three years.

The application must contain supporting evidence to illustrate when the activity took place or began and what was or, if still ongoing, has been achieved.


The applications will be evaluated by an independent panel of experts. The panel will consider:

  • The problem addressed;
  • The approach taken to address the problem;
  • The impact achieved;
  • The potential transferability to other settings.

The panel will also consider any supplementary support for applications, such as relevant reports, publications, images, policy declarations, etc.

How to apply

If you have any questions, please contact communications@idf.org.


Final deadline for submission: 31st October 2022

The Insulin at 100 campaign is supported by